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Tiny Prints has greeting cards now! First 3 cards are free. Doesn’t get better than that.

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Half Marathon

I ran my first half marathon on Saturday!

Official time: 02:10:43


Now It’s Your Turn to Take Note, Give Thanks

Happy World Gratitude Day! I have to say that I feel so refreshed after participating in the Gratitude Challenge. It was certainly a reality check in such a positive way. I learned so much more about myself and especially about some of my coworkers who shared their experiences. Gratitude is definitely contagious. There were some truly inspiring posts that resulted from this project.

Not sure what I’m talking about? You can learn more about the social experiment and join the challenge yourself! The Gratitude Challenge

Congrats to our awesome team at Tiny Prints who put together this video honoring some Gratitude Challenge highlights.

The Beach

I love the beach! One thing I definitely miss about San Diego is living closer to the beach. It’s something I wish I appreciated a lot more when I was in La Jolla. The beaches down there were also a lot warmer than the ones up here. Still, I’m very grateful that the ocean is not too far away.

I recently went on a venture with my sister at Lands End.

Picture 086

Picture 087

Picture 091

My sister also showed me where she volunteered at the site earlier in the year. She was able to see the fruits of her labor. Not a bad location to have to work at, huh? 🙂

Picture 088

Let’s Dance

I’m rewinding back to Day 7. “How has the challenged changed your perspective thus far?” It’s definitely changed my perspective in a positive way. There are so many things to be grateful for! In fact, gratitude has such an impact on people that it even has it’s own dance. Yup, there’s such a thing as The Gratitude Dance! I don’t know about doing this dance everyday, but this pretty sums up how I feel about the challenge so far.

School Days

Day 11

One thing I really enjoyed about the Exploratorium was watching the kids there marvel at the exhibits around them. I just love how kids are so curious. Most of them were too young to understand all the science behind what they were looking at, but that didn’t matter to them. As summer winds down and the new school year begins, I hope kids appreciate their school days. This reminded me of how I’m grateful for the education I received. Although homework wasn’t always fun, I miss the experience of sitting in class and learning something new each day. Of course, snack time and recess were always a plus. 🙂


The Exploratorium!

Day 10

If there’s one place that really puts the senses to work, it’s the Exploratorium in SF. On that note, which sense am I most grateful for? I think I have to say it’s my sense of sight. Lisa and I happened to spend the most time experimenting with the wonders of our sight this afternoon. It’s pretty mind boggling how our eyes work together with light and surrounding objects to create what we see in front of us. Just thinking about all the wonderful people, places, and things I see everyday makes me so appreciative of my ability to see. Thanks Lisa for a fun afternoon!

Using technology to create a live sketch of objects

A live sketch of us!

Playing with mirrors!

Playing with mirrors!

Our faces mixed together...creepy!

Our faces mixed together…creepy!
Defying gravity.

Defying gravity.

The scenic surroundings.

The scenic surroundings.